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Shandong celebrates Farmers' Harvest Festival


  A grand theme activity was held Monday to celebrate the 2019 Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival in Weifang, east China's Shandong province. With the theme of "70 magnificent years, harvest in Shandong", the event aims to showcase the fruitful results Shandong has made in building the Qilu model of rural revitalization and the panorama of harvest celebrations across the province.

  According to Liu Xuemin, chief of the market and information division of Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the event consists of three chapters, the new atmosphere of a golden harvest, a happy new life and striving for a new era, with focus on touching stories of farmers. In addition, interactive activities are set up to let visitors experience the farming work.

  Various kinds of celebrations have been held across the province. Combining with local folk culture and highlighting regional characteristics, counties and towns display their diverse farming culture and the vigorous development momentum in agriculture.

  Ningjin county in Dezhou marks the festival with a string of activities including a cricket culture festival, an acrobatic culture festival, and a conference on the theme of the biosphere of improved species.

  On September 16, the public agricultural brand of "Shiyu Binzhou" was officially released in Binzhou, east China's Shandong province. Over 150 agricultural enterprises along the Yellow River took part in an agricultural fair held at the launch ceremony of the brand.

  Yicheng district of Zaozhuang, reputed as the hometown of pomegranate, held a meeting on the development of the pomegranate industry on September 20 to promote industrial cooperation with other cities. (Photo by Wang Ping)



Date:2019-10-11 15:50     
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